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I have been in the beauty industry since December of 1999!! I have worked in many different avenues of the business from being behind the counter with Estee Lauder as a Beauty Consultant, Clarins as a Counter Manager, Clinique as a Business Manager and in an Aveda Salon. I have also consistently freelanced doing weddings, special occasions, makeup for photography and teaching teens and adults the proper way to cleanse and apply makeup. I'm obsessive with skincare!!! Because of that I am always cautious and aware of the quality and ingredients of the skincare I use during makeup applications and facials. I pride myself in quality over quantity and about CLEANLINESS. About 4 years ago I added an amazing new service, Motives Cosmetics Custom Blend Foundations and Powders. With Motives Cosmetics I can provide a foundation and powder that is customized to your skin tone, your skin type, coverage, and finish. I just recently became an educator and trainer with Motives Cosmetics as I have had extensive education in skincare, makeup and business. Over the last 5 years my distain of hair turned into a love and an outlet of creativity that I wasn't aware existed. Creating beautiful hairstyles has become an unexpected joy! Last but definitely not least I am also a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist that attended Apollo College where I graduated with a certificate of Massage Therapy in 09. Every year I attend continuing education classes to expand my knowledge of the many modalities of massage and to learn the anatomy of the body to better maximize my ability to help my clients. I love seeing the face of relief and relaxation when my clients walk out of our sessions. I couldn't do all this without the support of my husband, my son, my daughter, family, friends and all of my wonderful clients who I have come to care for dearly!! If you need Massage, Makeup and/or Facials come by and see me!

Martha Tello Rosser LMT#6602
Owner, Massage Therapist, Makeup Artist,
and Certified Motives Custom Blend Consultant